Valentine’s Day

Roses, homemade treats and music…  Life is good, and it is God’s love that makes it so.  Yesterday, the St. Paul Students for Life group offered to people on campus homemade treats, roses (for a small donation) in a cheerful environment with cheezy love songs played in the background.  Our message was a simple one: “God’s love is free, total, faithful and fruitful… May yours be too!”  As the world’s attention was turned toward interpersonal love on Valentine’s Day, we offered the simple message that life is a fruit of that love and a gift from God.  It was nice to see so many roses taken to be given to loved ones – five dozen!  Each one hopefully expressed to the recipient one’s unconditional free gift of self rather than a desire to use the other in some way.   God’s love has that free and unconditional quality about it and human love is meant to reflect that kind of love, especially between spouses.

— Fr. Ken Mikulcik

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